Things my new CMS must do

created: 2021-01-21T03:33:49Z
modified: 2021-02-01T11:47:05Z

In here I realize the Rust Markdown crate doesn’t support checklists yet...

  • DONE Have default section templates definable in each file directory meta

    • This must be inherited
    • DONE Override prirority must be given to the most specific child
  • DONE Content definable classes must be rich and similar to templates in override priority
  • DONE Content definable style snippets and css page include lists (hence the 1.2em "done")
  • Plugin system based on hooking
  • Multi hosting platform automations included out of the box (probably using Terraform)
  • Multi web server frameworks (rocket is great, but Actix and Tide are interesting too)
  • Indexed, kind of a must have to call it a CMS. Most likely going to use some sort of SQLite scheme.
  • Creative Commons License
  • Author: Gatewaynode