Technological Progressive Democratic Socialism

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Technological progressivism in the sense outlined here is distinct from the Transhumanist concept in that it is focused on current and near future technological empowerment and a rethinking of current governance in a modern context, with the explicit elicitation of Democractic Socialism where these ideals are focused on the general betterment of the people as a whole. Technological and scientific innovations of governance and direction by ideal should be practical and reasonably attainable. Again by ideal the goal of improving the systems is for the betterment of all people and by ideal balancing power and enforcing equality can only be effective if it is strongly enforced. In these ways this ideology is distinct from many current Transhumanist schools of thought in that the allowance of vast disparities of power in all it’s forms should be prevented unless it serves for the betterment of all people.

Reformation of the current governance structures and continual reformation of government are core ideals of Techno Progressive Democratic Socialism. In that governments are a reflection of the tools available at the creation of their foundations and as these tools change so should the foundation of government. That the reformation must in large part be a democratically achieved set of changes to the current government, by necessity architected by small teams.


  • Green New Deal

    • Empower the government to do whatever it takes to avoid climate catastrophe
  • Formal Adoption of the Scientific Method as the most reliable way to define facts

    • As the objective truth of this is apparently not enough
  • Housing for All

    • Housing as a basic human right should absolutely be provided
    • That the government should enable the housing systems to be as self sufficient as possible to reduce any tax burden incurred
  • Universal Healthcare

    • Means to access modern healthcare should absolutely be provided
    • The government should mediate and ensure access to modern medicine and care
    • The government should ensure healthcare is non predatory
  • Universal Internet Access

    • The government should absolutely ensure access to all public information networks as a public utility
  • Universal Equality, Justice and non-Descriminatory Protection

    • The government should regulate inter-human interaction to protect fairness and equality under the law
  • War Powers Regulations

    • Foreign wars should have dramatically higher minimum consensus requirements
    • Domestic wars should be immediately terminated ("The War on Drugs"), and should have their future bar set even higher than foreign wars
    • Foreign non-interventionism should be established as default government policy
    • Standing military organizations should have their mandate extended to civil service when their size is beyond the minimum necessary for general deterance


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