Providing for the Overton Window

created: 2020-12-26T15:47:01Z
modified: 2020-12-26T15:47:01Z

Technology is evolving faster than most people are prepared for or can be comfortable with, this is evendently true. This presents a problem to how we adopt the changes caused which can also be applied to broader social issues. The answer may be in giving states the ability to delay adoption within a slower adoption framework of their choosing. This would give states the power to adopt or further refute federal rule to align better with what their constituincy deems acceptable.

The delay would be an optional stance that can be taken by the states, with a non option regular required reassessment by the state government. This is not to preclude gradual adoption, unscheduled reassessment and adoption or some other variant of adoption or deferrment.

This should flow from a principle of passive assistance. The government should enable the people and not oppress them. For the most part the government should provide help to the people, but the people should be free to go without so long as that doesn’t directly harm others.

The United States of America is a collection of individual states and territories so to some degree this can rolled out at that granularity.

In addition to providing for a staggered adoption of laws, this should also be refleccted into the public funding of federal activities. Where deferment of a law is also a deferment of a states financial obligation to support that law.

This provides for a stronger technique of compromise between the states and the federal government and the freedom of the legislature to innovate quicker.

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