Is the Los Angeles quarantine zone finally coming to an end

created: 2020-12-26T15:47:01Z
modified: 2021-01-23T14:53:23Z

It’s too early to say, but the recent stability brought to the relief efforts through the Anderson tunnel and North Pacific Metroplex Alliance security forces have brought the first true hope that an end is in sight. The scientists, that are now allowed to work freely in the secured facilities within the zone, have isolated what they are calling, “critical parts of the code base” behind the nanite infection that has kept LA isolated from the rest of the world for the last two decades.

“The key was the ability to probe the communication network across a wide diversity of points within the nanite control area. This lead to the discovery of key algorithms hidden in a topologically fractal distribution scheme that finally lead to techniques which can accurately model and replicate the communication protocols.” – Dr. Rham Bernstein Chief Anti-nano Engineer and professor of Nanotechnology Engineering of UCLA

Currently prototyped digital communications based countermeasures are finally proving effective without the use of high energy ionizing radiation used to control the nanites to date. Does this also mean there is hope for the other major cities and areas isolated by uncontrolled nanite endemics?

“It’s too early to say that we might finally be turning the tide from the early dark days of the nanotech revolution. But it is a time for hope.” – Brigadier General Gills McCarson, Field Commander of the LA quarantine zone

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