Title Description
Adventures in Rust This language is something special
My first crate simple_prompts on Maybe useful, maybe not
Pinebook Pro Review A cheap, open source Chromebook alternative
So it works, I've hit MVP for for some code, whats next Another CMS soon to be forgotten
Rustyline is pretty slick Soo many Rust cratess, so little time
How I found the PinePhone and why this is awesome. Pine64 is a great series of projects
Publishing a Dynamic Website Statically A little bash foo to AWS magic
Tinkering with AWS recon Default description value
Refactoring, cleansing the code to cleanse the mind. I think coding can be relaxing
Rust default function parameters and Clap-rs argument YAMLs Well it's one way to do it
Adventures in Rust I seem to write a lot of these things
For those of you wondering why Libre Office doesn't spellcheck in Manjaro by default A quick fix
Diving into Rocket A Rust server framework like Python Flask
Hitting that coding stride in a new lang I love coding