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Connecting to SupaBase from Rust in Reqwest async

created: 2021-04-05T02:00:40Z
modified: 2021-04-05T02:17:17Z

So let’s just say you, my fair reader, are asking yourself, "How can I connect to a turnkey data and api solution from Rust?" Well it just so happens I had the same question last night and decided to give it a shot. Here it is using the Rust Reqwest crate in the async pattern:

use dotenv::dotenv; // Because we never hard code secrets, even in simple prototypes
use reqwest;
use reqwest::header::HeaderMap;
use reqwest::header::HeaderValue;

extern crate dotenv_codegen; // Excessive for such a small piece, but I like the look better

fn construct_headers() -> HeaderMap {

    let key = dotenv!("SUPABASE_KEY");
    let bearer: String = format!("Bearer {}", key);
    let mut headers = HeaderMap::new();
    headers.insert("apikey", HeaderValue::from_str(key).unwrap());

async fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn std::error::Error>> {
    let client = reqwest::Client::new();

    let resp = client
    println!("{:#?}", resp.text().await?);

Of course there is a Rust SDK library coming supposedly, which provides for a more GraphQL like linked query type approach. But this is easy enough for what I’m curious about. And I’d just like to add that I am really beginning to grow fond of SupaBase the more I get into it. Seems the team has made some good design decisions so far and their feature production speed is great. I hope they can layer in some good code and company maturity growth now that they have paid tiers. It’s just really nice to see a turnkey solution built on top of PostgreSQL like this, I’d like to see them succeed.

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